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    I have on my blog a Search widget , but it is not functioning.
    I wonder why ?

    The blog I need help with is



    And the address of your blog is http:// ??? We need to see the issue to be able to help.



    If your blog is, your search widget works just fine. Typing a word or sentence from your posts lists all the posts with that word or sentence. Everything is as it should be.

    I tried with search of the word LIKA
    I could not see any result. I tried both Firefox and IE.
    I have Win7. I also tried on a public computer.
    Nothing. Zilch. Nada.


    I typed “lika” and “LIKA” into the search box and both searches returned this post: “We are not all equal in front of the law. Not in Sweden !” It works in Safari and also in Firefox 3.5.4 for me.


    I typed “bostadsrättsföreningar” into the search box and it brought back this post, “Likhetsprincipen.”


    yes, that is what I also get. But it is not what I expect.
    I expect highlighting of those words. The search brings back a post, and not a word !
    A post can be long and contain several instances of that word



    I know what you mean, but that is how the search works in


    There is also a payed version of WP, does it work that way too ??



    What do you mean by paid? On free-hosted it will only work that way. On a self-hosted installation you can install your own search plugin.


    By the way, once I submit this message, there is no way to edit ?



    No. Once in, the message stays.



    There is no highlighted version of Search on There may or may not be a plugin for it on, but you’d have to ask over there.


    All of you folks seem to be linked to your sites. I just klick on your icon. I would like to do that too.
    I don’t know how



    Go to your Profile and add your blog URL to the Contact Info where it says “Website”.

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