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    Hello —

    I am trying to create a search that will allow one to search only within a range. For example, let’s say the blog is for college basketball, and particularly East Conference Championships which has a total of 20 teams. So I would like my search engine to search only within those 20 school names. I would like each school to have its own blog page. For example, one goes on the blog and types “univer..” and then “university of bridgeport” and “university of southern connecticut” appear right under the search (just like on google, but obviously much much limited) and the person searching will be able to pick only between those two. If he clears the search, all school names should appear. So it should be something like a dropdown. Can someone please help me with that? Thank you in advance. I hope it is clear what I am looking for.



    See here for how search operates.

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