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    So, when you click in the box on my search widget to enter a term it automatically redirects the page to an external site (
    I recently added a button from this site, so it obviously has something to do with that, but is there anything I can do to stop it from happening – other than remove the button/search box? Or, if I do have to remove the button, can anyone suggest another site I can get a nice lookin’ twitter button from that (a) works on and (b) doesn’t hijack my readers?


    The blog I need help with is



    I would get rid of the Twitter Box thing – I will not tolerate bad behavior such as that – but they why it is happening is odd – prudent to contact staff about how this security problem is allowed to occur.



    The TwitterButton you’ve included in one of your Text widgets has an unclosed A tag, which is extending its link further into the sidebar—this is why your search box is pointing somewhere else.

    If you look at the text widget, you’ll see this at the end:

    <a href="">

    You can either close that link or remove it and the problem should be solved.



    Aaha! I closed off the A tag and problem solved!

    Thanks so much for your help.



    I had the same thing happening on mine, only when they searched it came up with a search result page and three openings of my list of workshops. I actually liked that so much I left it that way for weeks once I’d discovered it.

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