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    I am new and I just played a bit. I’ve chosen the chaoticsoul theme and changed the widgets a bit. IIRC the search box widget had a title at the beginning. Now this title vanished and the search widget causes a w3c validation error which is not present without the box. Have a look here:
    which also includes a link to validate. AFAICS the errors are connected to the title. Bug, feature?




    In the default sidebar for Chaotic Soul, the search box has an initial entry of “Journal Search”. If you change the default sidebar (as soon as you put any widgets in it, you replace the default sidebar) and re-include Search, it does not have that initial entry.

    As there are no options you can set for the Search widget, I think the only way you’ll be able to keep that initial entry is to keep the default sidebar.



    Looking at the W3C Validator, it looks like the two errors it highlights are not something you’re going to be able to fix, as we don’t have access to the code that underlies our blogs (so that we can’t mess around and break things for everyone else).

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