Searchable library of mp3s possible in wordpress?

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    I need help with something and I’m not programing savvy enough to know what the vocabulary is for it.

    I have a page on my website that is a password-protected library of music that I want to make available to clients for browsing. I’d like to add the ability to search for keywords and it would bring up a list of just the audio clips with those keywords, and the clips would be playable of course, not just text of course.

    Right now it’s a list of about 100 clips. I’m using code for what appears to be a shockwave flash player for each individual clip, and I’ve added hyperlinks to different “sections” up and down the page so that people can jump from 1 genre to another, for now.

    Does anyone know how I could create maybe a dropdown menu at the top of the page that would search keywords in some database and then return search results of audio files. Is this possible in WordPress? I know I can setup a search for posts and pages in WordPress but library items within a single page? Please let me know if there are any tools or resources that could help..


    Joe Matzzie



    If you made a new post for each clip, put not just a title but also text in the contents, and tagged and categorized it correctly, then it could theoretically be searchable, but it’s a bit of a nightmare administratively speaking. The files themselves are only really searchable from within your media library, which only you can get to.

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