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searching by multiple or subtractive tags

  1. I know that you can search a blog by specific tags, like say, "music". Does this feature work in reverse? Would it be possible to search all the posts on a blog that are not tagged "music"? For that matter, can you search using more than one tag, say all posts that are tagged "music" and "jazz" and "fifties"?


  2. Using a search engine would probably be best actually. Considering that something like 95% of the blogs aren't using tags (at least on my own WPMu install) except for Uncategorized, that would probably be the best method of doing so.

  3. Thanks drmike. That's a great tips for searching other blogs. I was also curious to see if it could be used for creating a specific type of RSS feed, but that was for more of a lark than any pressing need. I appreciate the suggestion.

  4. Not a problem. :)

  5. just a bump for this suggestion. given that wordpress does this out of the box now, i'd love to be able to build, say,,loldog/feed, since the loldog blog redirects to feedburner.

  6. good idea.

    > say,, loldog/feed

    Matt already said "no" ;-)

    also: "Search on Global Tags / Advanced Tag Surfer" -- must be too impenetrable/unintelligible idea for TA of .com, as it ended up in the 'Topics with no replies' view.

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