Searching for a theme with static frontpage

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    Hi everyone

    Now, I’m a beginner here, having only worked on two wordpressblogs until now. I’ve been asked to do a homepage for some friends of mine.

    I’ve found this wordpressblog ( that is build in the way, that I’ve been thinking about doing: A static frontpage with 4 squares, that each contains a page with information. Problem is – it has been customized, and I don’t know how.

    Does anyone here know of a theme that has the same features? Static frontpage, four squares linking to four pages?




    You can pick a static front page with any theme here. As for the rest, it depends on the theme and the way it’s configured.


    Yep – was kinda hoping that someone by coincidence would know about a theme, where it would be easily accesible/doable :)

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