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Searching for blogs to add to blogroll

  1. extremitiesspeak

    I am currently searching for blogs to add to my blogroll that fit my blogs genre, if you will.
    But when I search, all I find are blog POSTS, not entire blogs pertaining to what I'm looking for. Any ideas on how to find them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you find a blog post with the link:

    then the blog link will be

    Just trim down the URL upto the .com or .whatever part.

    Or click on the Home page link in the corresponding blog to visit its homepage and get the blog home page link. Like in your blog you have a big text header, which takes me to your home page.

  3. you could try looking at BlogCatalog, a directory of blogs organized by categories and subcategories:

    Once you find some blogs in your genre, I suggest you take a look at their blogrolls. If you feel a special affinity for a blog, chances are you'll like some of their fave blogs, too.

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