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    Hi, :)

    Do people bother with spiritual blogs anymore.? Or perhaps I should say, “blogs” about spirituality and philosophy? – I never see any in freshly pressed! I see many blogs on cooking, sports and entertainment. Odd, considering there are so many great FB pages dedicated to just that topic, be it Zen, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, or a mixture of all. Well, just thought I’d ask…..

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can explore tags with this link from the Reader to find blogs of interest:


    thanks for the reply. I guess they are not posted in freshly pressed. I have not seen any spiritual blog posted there.. btw, do you only freshly press premium blogs..? just asking. thanks


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    Staff reads and hand-picks blogs to feature. Whether they are premium or not doesn’t have any bearing on the choices.


    thanks :) I’ve glanced through all the links provided by your good self… Gosh, these brave people are blogging on in a sort of of shadowy way, with hardly a like or a comment.. (I stopped and liked as many as I could find time for.. ) Kurdos to them… Perhaps a few of these “less seen blogs” should be added to freshly pressed. “Inspirational,” does not mean second class or does it nowadays? Is it old hat now? Rather than boy with Hat (love his blog) ~ Well, anyway, I’ve always enjoyed those people who try and lift me up in life, I am fed up with the constant rants.. So I will stop right here, before I rant on myself… smile.


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    My opinion as a volunteer here:
    Everyone has preferences, favorites, and concerns so looking at them as a hierarchy of first and second class is not useful. As a volunteer I look a the blogs of people who ask questions here, so I see a huge variety of blogging topics. I don’t read Freshly Pressed very often, but I seem to remember an occasional inspirational or spiritual site being featured.

    Good wishes to you!


    I guess I am being too direct…but I was only pointing out what I see and asking…

    good wishes to you too!


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    Yes, direct is good—better than secrets and festering worries. I think staff tries to show a variety of blogs and perhaps they go in cycles. I just don’t know…


    Hi, well not exactly festering worries.. (just curious…) anyway, there are other places to post blogs, I guess. I use yahoo. com .. when I am in the mood to let people know I am around. Yahoo always generates traffic… At the moment I am just hot and cold about my blog.

    Might just mention that you do not seem to have a “menu” or directory? for spiritual topics – you have menus for almost all other blogs. It would be helpful to have a menu for people interested in the subject matter.. :) I would so appreciate the topic been named… veery best… moi.

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