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Searching for links in my posts

  1. On my Blog Stats page, under Clicks, a URL link is shown to have been clicked on that I don't recall ever including in a post. Is there a way to search my posts for this link, or links in general?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In your dashboard, you can see your posts. If you click on either posts or edit then you'll see a searchbox. I tried, you can search for specific links. Although maybe the clicks you're talking about may be links that are referring to your blog?

  3. Thanks. I'll investigate and come back if needed.

  4. I searched for the link in both my posts and my comments with no results. I'm pretty sure that "Clicks" refers to links to URLs outside my stuff, since there's a "Referrers" section that lists links to places that have links into my stuff. In short, I'm still at a loss

  5. Eureka! I think the culprit could be those "possibly related posts!"

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