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Searching for my blog on WP

  1. I decided to check out my blog through WP's search on the topics page. I entered in various different terms to bring up my blog. SEO which I use on my blog on a regular basis, example: Sardinia, Sardegna, My Sardinian Life, La Mia Vita Sarda ... etc. But my blog did not come up, not once. Not even on the first, second, third pages, nope nothing.


    I have plenty of content, all tagged. Why would this be?

    Thanking you in advance.

  2. The index at is updated instantly. If your post doesn’t show up in search results, please make sure you check here >
    Also take careful note of this entry as well please > global tags > missing posts
    There seems to be a prevalent misconception that the global tag pages and wordpress.ocm search results result in a flow of traffic to blogs. It's actaully search engines that send significant traffic to blogs.

    re: global tags
    It's my experience that unless one blogs on the featured topics on the most popular tag pages like these ones below there is no significant flow of traffic from global tags pages or from search

  3. Here is the Google search string I used:
    Here are the results

  4. Thank you for your super fast response! Much appreciated and understood!

  5. You're welcome. :)

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