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searh engine problems

  1. hello wordpress bloggers.I am having promblems with my search engine.latley people are using it to find videos and post.but heres the problem.none of them have gotton the presise title right and it dosnt search it.for exsample:lets say i post my vacation pictures on my blog and title it "my vacation pictures" now lets say someone wants to look at it so they search up "vacation pictures" but the search engine doesnt find any thing because they didnt type "my".is there anyway i can fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All issues with search engines and what they choose to display are beyond our control. They must be resolved by you > If you have not verified your blog with the major search engines yet then see here >

    For tips on assigning categories and tags see here >

    To understand how the search works see here >

    It can take a few days before new blogs are included in the search index. Brand new blogs might not have enough posts for us to accurately determine whether or not it’s spam. Also, keep in mind that the search engine only indexes the body text of blog posts, pages, and comments. The blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

  3. There is nothing else for the search engine to hook onto but the exact title - the whole site I looked at was - Post title - video trailer, Post title - video trailer - then repeat into infinity -

  4. If the videos are unique to your site and are already appearing on other sites then those bloggers, who have provided text along with the embeds are bound to have their posts outrank those bloggers, who have made no effort to include original content along with the videos in SERPS (search engine page results).

  5. Edit:

    If the videos are unique

    was meant to include the word NOT: If the videos are NOT unique ..
    sorry :(

  6. i belive it may work now.thanks.

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