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Seasonal Depression, Jump out of the Rut!

  1. a bit about seasonal depression and getting through it...

    With Love,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @kymlee
    I have not responded to your meme because I'm overwhelmed with work. I do appreciate that you selected me and I will reciprocate on another occasion. Best wishes to you. :)

  3. no prob TT, you don't need to reciprocate, I just wanted to drive more people to ur site because you have some really great stuff (but you already know that)

    Best regards to you as well!


  4. I'm mutitasking when I answer forum questions here I'm also logged in doing the same elsewhere or I'm running programs for my contracted work in the background. I could write the book on S.A.D. I've had it for 20 years now. Also I really appreciate your kind attempt to get visitors to check out my site.

    Blogging tips blogs are like revolving doors. people come and get help but they don't blog in the same niche so naturally they don't post about the help they get and my blog gets no backlink. Boo hoo! Believe when I say I treasure the one you sent me.

  5. While I'm in the mood to whine ... no, on second thought I going for a walk with my dog. ;)

  6. lol. I hear you, I'm actually envious of your intellect on all things blogging. You're always the first one to help when someone needs something and you have valid and very helpful input.

    Hope your walk was fun! :)

  7. ;-), my fav. phrase.. never have an ordinary day.

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