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    The blog I have, is together with someone else, but I’d like to have a sort of archive for myself on another blog with my posts. Is it possible to copy posts with all the comments to another blog without removing them from the first blog? I read here about importing posts, but do they then dissapear on the other blog? I’d like to have a separate blog with my posts, without removing them for the first blog. I hope this is possible?
    Thanks for you help!

    The blog I need help with is



    When you create an export file you are creating a “copy”. Yes you can do that but if you do then make the second blog visibility “private” so the duplicated material is not indexed by search engines. Why? Because the introduction of Panda algorithm (ALLELUIA!) means that Google’s search spiders are programmed to detect duplicate content blogs that are created for SEO gaming purposes. If you do not make the blog private then the pagerank on the blog that contains the original content will fall like a stone and where the posts are displayed in the SERPs will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back on the SERPs (search engine results pages.)


    How come I don’t have permission to import? I tried to do it but it didn’t work… Well, if it doesn’t work, okay then, but maybe there is a reason that’s easy to fix…?



    If you’re not the admin of that blog, you won’t be able to import to it. The other admin has to.


    When are you the admin? We use the same accounts, so I thought I was admin too?
    Thank you for the answer.



    Did you create both blogs as the same user? Or do you have a separate username/password for each blog? If you have separate usernames, you’ll probably need to sign in with a different username for the import – the username under which you created the new blog.


    It did work out, somehow. Maybe you have to close the other blog before exporting, or something. I don’t know, but it worked. Thanks, you all!



    You’re welcome from me and best wishes with your blog.

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