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    this is my site:

    Where the image of the bike is at the top on the right is currently part of the header image.
    I would like to take that image away and add it as a separate image, so that visually it looks the same, but when you click on that portion it could link to another site, while the rest of the header would still link back to my home page.

    Is this possible ?

    The blog I need help with is


    There is not a way to change around the HTML like you’ve described at, but what you can do is add the HTML for the image that is linked into a text widget in the sidebar and then you can use CSS to move the widget over the top of the header image. Can you add the text widget first? I’ll help you with the CSS after that.



    yes thankyou! that is what I was trying to do, I added the photo as a text widget, moved it up into the right position but it was behind the header image not in front and I couldn’t figure out how to get it in front. Ill add the text widget now!


    Could be a z-index property will help. Could you post the CSS you used to move the widget before too?

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