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Second, Secret Blog on Same Account?

  1. Hi there,

    I can't find this answered on the FAQ or in the forums, so I hope I'm not duplicating.

    I want to create a second blog managed by the same account as my first blog. But, while I'm 'known' in this first blog, I want the second blog to be a totally anonymous journal thing.

    My question: Is there any way visitors to my original blog can discover my second blog, and make the link between it and me? Is there an easy way around this, or should I just create a second account?

    Thanks very much.

  2. Yes. In fact, it's not hard.

    The solution is, as you suspected, to create a second account. You'll need a different email, so just register a gmail or something. Do NOT use an old email of yours; I guarantee somebody will figure it out if you do that.

    And don't link the two blogs, ever, not even in the blogroll.

  3. Also, for that second blog don't ever leave comments on other blogs when you're signed in. Use the public blog's username to leave comments. Otherwise even the most skillful among us will slip up and leave a comment in Persona A when signed in under Persona B.

  4. Ah, sweet. Thanks for your reply, raincoaster. ^_^

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