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    Ok I finally got the CSS upgrade and doing well so far.

    I have the contempt theme and I want to add a second sidebar to put widgets in. I heard you can do that. Can someone easily explain or give me any links on how to do this?
    I tried before to just get another theme with two sidebars to look like the contempt theme but it didn’t work. So any help would be well…helpful. Also why is it that you can’t just copy and pastes a style sheet into the css editor and get it to look like it supposed to look, do you have to start with a certain wordpress theme before you use a certain style sheet? just curious



    I think you need to change the theme to a three-column to get another sidebar.

    The reason you cannot just copy-paste css is because the diffrent themes uses diffrent names and selectors for the diffrent design elements. And some themes have two or three column-designs. You do not have access to the html here, so you cannot standardize it.



    You can’t add another sidebar to an existing theme; that’s why Sandbox comes in so many variations. That’s functionality, not CSS. CSS is really only styling.

    If you want to start from scratch, use Sandbox. Its possibilities are infinite.



    Yes. Use Sandbox. I’m planning to have two sidebars too, but I still don’t know where to put it. I have to wait for my period to be extremely creative so I can figure out where the second sidebar should be without changing my recent layout.

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