Secondary administrator not able to post / view dashboard?

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    I share a blog with my husband (fritz227) and had invited him to contribute as an editor (maybe admin, I can’t recall). However, he doesn’t appear in the list of users (there are apparently 2, but I am the only one that appears on the Users page of the Dashboard), and I can’t send him a new invite, as the system tells me he already has a role on my site.

    Strangely enough, our blog appears in his “My Blogs” view (along with the links to the Dashboard, Comments, etc. When he clicks on any of these links, he gets a “page does not exist” error stating that the page does not exist, or he doesn’t have the rights to access it. This makes sense if he only has editor rights, but he can’t even post to our blog… which doesn’t make sense.

    Please help. Thanks!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is

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