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secondary menu buttons

  1. is there a way the secondary menu buttons NOT to be clicked? eg. Works, About

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure there's a really good way to do that. Also, why would you want the menu items not to be clickable? Can you just remove them from the custom menu if you don't want people to click on them?

  3. my mistake...I was meaning the primary menu..I do not want to disable all just those that they have a secondary menu, like ''Works'' and ''About''

    check that for instance...the ''Works'' cannot be clicked

  4. Ah, I see. There isn't an option for doing that here at

    Instead, you might consider adding a short intro paragraph to each of those pages and direct people to click on the submenu items for more details.

  5. I found a better solution! justpi documented it on his site Here:

    Look at section "c" under "Other options."

  6. perfect!!!!

  7. Props justpi. :)

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