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    So far I have an excerpt incl. one pic of all my posts on the main page by making them all sticky.
    As came out, this is not a good idea since now there are too many post sticky, obviously confusing something – not all of them show up any more.
    So, I was told to make my homepage static and link to each of the posts.
    The problem is, when I do that, I lose my secondary sidebar (the one that reads now “recent posts” and below “categories”).
    Any ideas how I can get the secondary sidebar back (I already checked the widget area on the dashboard – the secondary sidebar shows up there, but not on the homepage)?

    thanks a lot!

    P.S.: The blog appears now in the old way, i.e., with sticky posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    To restore order to your blog you can edit and remove the sticky post designation. Then you can read this artcile that explains how The Morning After Theme is designed so you understand how to work with it.




    it seems creating a static homepage does not support a secondary sidebar.
    Any other ideas how I can keep excerpts with pictures on the homepage and a secondary sidebar?



    You answers to questions about that theme are found in the article I linked to above. Please click that link and read what you find.



    Thanks, but general answers are not very helpful. I know that article and looked not only into articles describing my theme but also into other forum entries and searched the web.
    However, I could not find a way how to keep the layout of my blog with excerpts plus a picture of all my posts on the homepage…

    Maybe someone in the forum knows…



    I’m sorry but all I know about that theme is found in the article I pointed to. Aside from Staff, the author of that article is the blogger who is most familiar with that theme. I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the Themes Forum and there Themes Staff will respond to you.



    1) The Secondary sidebar shows up only on the main posts page (my article clearly says that “index pages, static pages and single posts display the primary sidebar only”).

    2) No matter what the theme, making all your posts stickies is a sure way to mess things up. The sticky/featured post option in TMA is meant for showcasing a few posts, not all of them.



    Thanks a lot. I am aware of the mentioned issues. That’s why I hope to find a solution here in the forum after I could not find any during own research.

    So the key question is: How can I keep my layout with a secondary sidebar and having excerpts of all posts on the homepage?



    Hi kiehas,

    You could increase the amount of posts to show on the Settings -> Reading page to the amount that is necessary.

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