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    How do I add a secondary blog to my primary blog? Is there a maximum number of secondary blogs?

    The blog I need help with is



    All blogs are independent of one another and you may register as many as you need. If you are logged in then the blogs you register will all be registered to your existing username. Register a blog instructions

    If you do not wish the blogs to be associated by having a common username then log out of, create another username account using a different email address, and register a blog under the new username account.


    Would I just provide links to my other blogs on my primary blog?



    There are 3 approaches you can take:

    1. Create a custom menu in the main blog and include custom links to the other blogs in it (one custom link for each blog). The custom menu will display in the top navigation where your page tabs currently display. You can also include those pages in the custom menu.

    2. Create a Blogroll, include links in it to your other blogs,and display them in the sidebar of the main blog using a Links widget.

    3. Place RSS widgets (one for each of your other blogs) in the sidebar of the main blog. The RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed.

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