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Secret Backdoor Login to my Blog? [Answer: No. Everything's fine --mdawaffe]

  1. I recently created an XML site map for my blog. This site map included this bit at the top: › Log In › Lost Password › Log In

    What interested me were the 2 log in links. I clicked on the first link and tried to log in. This is what I saw in the menu bar [REDACTED by mdawaffe]. On the screen it said "Authorizing" though nothing more happened.

    I tried the 2nd Log in link and was able to access my account.

    Does this alternate log in link mean someone else has access to my account? Also, how do I remove this Log in link?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, I just tried it and it wouldn't let me in. If I were you, I'd edit the original post to remove it entirely and just report this directly to staff, rather than leaving the link out there for anyone to click on.

  3. And if I were YOU, qianyingdi, I'd duck and cover because you've just been reported for spam.

  4. Would someone mind to tell me how to remove the post ? (First time poster!)

  5. You can't only Staff & Moderators can edit a Post in the Forum - I have flagged it for their attention for you.

  6. Cheers

  7. You can Edit the post though, I believe.

  8. I've looked thoroughly - and can't find a way to edit - suggestons?

  9. The link is neither problematic nor dangerous (though the fact that it's showing up in the site map is a bug). I removed the link from the original post above anyway, though, to close out that part of this thread.

  10. The links should no longer be showing up in sitemaps generated with that sitemap generator.

    Note, though, that that generator isn't necessary for We already generate sitemaps for you:

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