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    Hello all! :)

    Is there any way to change settings in IE to allow for

    What I mean is… whenever I want to see a template, or delete a comment, or edit a post… I get a security alert at which point I have to click “Yes” to continue.

    Any help on making it so that my computer “trusts” :)


    Edit: I should add, that, for example, when I want to look at templates… my message I get specifically is:

    “The page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items? [Yes] [No]”



    One solution: use Firefox instead. ;P

    Have you checked preferences to see if there’s a “don’t ask about nonsecure items” or “show nonsecure items” option? I think it’s Web browser–>Security–>Alerts.



    I’ve tried all that. Not really any effect. Sometimes the warning pops up, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not unreasonable to expect that WordPress would work with the most popular browser in the world, even though the REPLY box in the FORUMS does NOT (it’s too big and goes off the page on the right, leaving no way to scroll across and read it).

    I’m not prepared to change my software just for the convenience of WordPress.



    The issue with the reply box and the security warning have both been discussed a few times here in the forums and reported. Best bet would be submit a feedback from your dashboard and point it out to them that it still occurs although it’s probably out of WP’s hands since the fault appears to be with IE.

    Being the most popular browser in the world doesn’t mean that it’s correct. There’s a lot of thing IE does incorrectly because Microsoft won’t follow the standards that run the internet.

    Microsoft’s own Hotmail servers in Southern California have had a bug for years now that leave them open to relaying for spammers. They still haven’t fixed them and even reject complaints on the subject.

    China has the largest population in the world. Doesn’t mean that everything they do is correct.

    Walmart is the largest retailer in the world last time I checked. They still have a rather spotty employee relationship record.



    Hi Veltis,

    First off, thanks for responding. :)

    I couldn’t find what you suggested… although I placed as a “Trusted Site” in the Security tab… and still doesn’t seem to help much.

    So, with Firefox, you’re saying you don’t have any problems? I may have to check them out. :)



    I’m into stress reduction myself. I have both an IE browser and a firefox browser (free download). I use firefox almost exclusively. However I still have the option of using IE if I choose to.

    I’m wondering why tmattos1 and raincoaster don’t just download a firefox browser and use it in conjunction with wordpress for blogging. Wouldn’t this be the stress reducing solution that would immediately solve their problems or am I such a dull witted newbie that I’m missing something here?



    With Firefox yo, you wont have many problems at all. If your a noob at browser config and security, then just dont touch the settings. But the settings are set up in such a way, that even a noob, with a little bit of reading and thinking, could figure it all out. One of the slogans for Firefox, or rather, the Firefox community is ‘Browse Happy’, and with Firefox, this is right on the money. *shakes fists angrily at administrator for thinking IE top dog*



    Don’t get me wrong, I love Firefox and hate IE as much as anyone, but I also realise that a lot of people either aren’t comfortable downloading and installing an alternative browser, or their IT departments won’t allow it ;)

    Personally I think it’s a mistake to let ideology get in the way of making your site usable for the majority, but then I’m not the one making the decisions.



    I don’t mean use Firefox for ideological reasons, it’s just that ever since I started using it (downloaded it on a whim for the toolbar add-ons, like the Web Developer Extension –fabulous!) I haven’t had the old problems with IE, and haven’t needed to use IE again, even though I still have it on my computer just in case. Found IE erratic and illogical–set a preference, and as you point out, it seems to ignore it. Also a bunch of sites do look and work much better without it, though you could argue that that’s just because the coders haven’t bothered to add all the hacks you need to get your page to look and play nice in IE. But since Firefox is free, downloading and trying it out doesn’t really have a downside. If you don’t like it, just use IE again. No stress, no loss, no big deal.



    You have to place your blog’s URL in the trusted site list. is different than or just I don’t think IE will take a wildcard in there either (ie * but you may want to try that.



    I’ll try that, Mike….thanks much! :)



    Hmm… well, I tried that but now any time I go to, I get a prompt: “You’re trying to go to a site in your trusted sites. Do you want to do this?”

    Grrr…this is crazy! Why would I put a site in my TRUSTED sites if I didn’t WANT to GO THERE!



    Just for reference, I feel that all browsers have issues. Just look at all of t problems we have with Safari users around here. Then you have Firefox’s issue with referrers. I get huge text in Netscape 7.1 when I’m here on the second floor of the library. (My normal floor has giggling coeds today)



    *chuckle* I wonder what would happen if you tried to put in a Microsoft site.

    ‘Well , duh! Of course it’s a Trusted site. It’s one of ours.” :)

    *shrug* It’s probably just verifing it for some reason.

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