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security certificate errors please help

  1. northernsoultattoo

    Our site keeps coming up as not secure its domain mapped can anyone help me sort this as its becoming difficult to promote the site as it has this problem

    The blog I need help with is

  2. accessing domain mapped sites via https does giva a certificate error. This is a side-effect of protecting the dashboard. Just use instaed of the version. As its a public site the https adds little to security anyway

  3. northernsoultattoo

    its stopping us posting the site to facebook and instagram because of the error is there any way around this? thanks

  4. yes - use the http URL not the https one!

  5. northernsoultattoo

    Im thinking it might actually be something else now as i have another wordpress and that is domain mapped and its fine

    Doing the http thing is not working either

  6. Just to confirm - are you talking about browsing the page or the mobile app? WordPress are investigating issues with the app currently.

  7. northernsoultattoo

    No although that is happening as well its been like this for a while

  8. I'm flagging this for staff attention. Please be patient as it could take a while for them to reach this thread. In the mean time it would probably help them if you made a screenshot of the certificate error available.

    Instructions for making a screenshot are at

  9. northernsoultattoo

    Thank you

    Ill try get some screen shots later when i get to work

  10. northernsoultattoo

    Thank you

    Ill try get some screen shots later when i get to work

  11. If you are using a mobile device, please note the post at

    If you are not posting from a mobile device, please make sure you are using and sharing links starting with http:// rather than https:// as tandava108 suggested.

  12. northernsoultattoo

    Not talking about the mobile app and have tryed the other thing still not working another site has told me its a problem with the time stamp on the certificte!

  13. Please post screenshots to your media library for me, and let me know when that's done.

    Also, please be very specific about what you're trying to do when you get errors. Are you trying to publish a post using Publicize and the posts aren't showing up there, or are you using a link to a post and trying to post that link directly on Facebook and Instagram? In other words, what exactly are you doing that causes the error, and what page are you on (the URL/address) when it happens?

  14. I'm experiencing this Certificate Warning message on my blog when selecting "Recent Posts" right-side widget. Using theme twenty-ten.

    I access my blog through my laptop (not using mobile device) - I just submitted a new thread on this in the forum section

    This is a way to loose viewers.

  15. @flycatcher - all the posts below in the Widget ate https links

    Recent Posts

    First Light, oil pastel
    I Feel So Painted!
    Reach, oil pastel
    Thursdays Drawing, Sorrow #9
    Royal Elegance, oil pastel

  16. Auxclass, not sure what you mean by your post. I'm aware that there is a discrepancy with the https links - I need wordpress to address and correct the problem behind the scene.

  17. Here is the deal, when I originally do a new post all of these worked just fine. I use "Recent Posts" daily to go back and check if I've missed a comment on a post.

    Today if the first time I've seen this issue pop up, and now I'm not getting any new views, likes or comments since about two hours ago.

    When I post I never create the link, it's always done automatically when I create the post. So I don't go in and type http:/ or https:// when I create a thread, as I said this is done automatically.

    What am I missing here? Not sure when has happened, and why after two years is this Certificate Warning now coming up.

  18. So I just went into edit a one of the above "Recent Posts" to see the link, and guess what the link is as it's suppose to be http:// not https://.

    That tells me that something has happened internally with wordpress, not how I'm creating my posts.

    Can someone please assist with the issue. Thanks, Mary

  19. Thank you they are all working. I am now able to click onto all of the posts on Recent Posts side-bar menu and they all working with no Certificate Warnings.

    Thank you for the fix. Mary

  20. northernsoultattoo

    I have pit some screen caps up this happens on a pc as well but these are from my ipad

  21. northernsoultattoo

    Instagram just delets the post when i post the link

  22. We are aware of the issue with the Recent Posts Widget and have been working on it. From the sounds of it, our developers may have resolved it over the weekend.

    @northernsoultattoo that's an unrelated issue. It sounds like Facebook is blocking your domain for some reason. I'd use the link that is enclosed in the pop up message to contact them so they can look into it further.

  23. Also @northernsoultattoo for what it's worth, it doesn't look like there's anything flagged as suspicious on the site, so you could communicate that to Facebook as well:

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