Security Certificates for WP?

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    It was renewed some time ago but we still don’t have the new certificate. We’ll install it as soon as we do.



    Is there an update to this? I’m well aware that the crypto provided by this cert is still the same old SSL that was in use before the cert expired, the problem is that the certificate is used to authenticate the site is the actual site and not someone jacking the connection. In short, it’s not the crypto I’m concerned about, it’s the authentication the cert provides, which was the primary purpose behind public certificates to begin with.

    It’s March 8 now (at least where I live.) Surely the cert has arrived by now? (If not, what’s the certificating authorities excuse for taking this long to provide it? Have they ever heard of FedEx?)



    They haven’t given us an excuse – they’re not responding to our requests.



    Now I’m getting a message that says ‘That the the Certificate has expired’ in IE7


    No worries. It doesn’t matter. The certificate is ok…


    I also received the certificate this morning telling me to make sure the time on my computer was the same as the what the message was telling me that the time was posting. I clicked continue to the certificate and was permitted access to Second Chance to Live. Strange as this moring is the first time that I have received the certificate not renewed notification. What is up?



    There is a great deal of pretty awful administration at WP, as I am dicovering, and nothing seems to get fixed, but an expired certificate isn’t worth bothering about . If I avoided sites without certificates I’d never get aything done.



    I’d like to report, by the way, that I’m no longer receiving the warning message. I can’t say why or whether anyone else is doing so, of course, but I wanted to be forthcoming.



    Getting message that ‘security for website has expired’.

    What should l do?




    I assume you are getting this when logging in at ? If so, this should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    I just got that error message again on this link – mobile phone blogging:


    Will this new security issue be looked into?



    It’s the same problem, not a new one. We have the certificate for It’s the * certificate that still hasn’t been delivered.


    Ok. WP should get themselves certified someplace else from now on. This is really not worth it – the damage to your renommee is to big…



    Dunno about others but I’m still getting the same expiration message. How long has this been going on, a month?


    Me too. It says that this topic has been resolved but I don’t think it has.

    Thank you.



    It’s not resolved. I’ve gotten this message since the 22nd of February, 2008. WP says it’s fixed — it isn’t.



    I’ve been getting the same thing. However I’ve found if you go to rather than directly to your own blog, you authenticate through the working certificate and there are no problems.



    I have the same problem, its preventing some people viewing my blog. Can someone take a peek at my blog and let me know if its something Ive posted thats causing the error or is it just at WPs end…



    If you have a problem:
    – clear your browser cache, come back to the site and retry
    – post the exact URL you were getting to
    – post the exact message you see. Detail is very important.
    – screenshots are good

    But please do not take this as meaning your blog is not secure. It is. Your password which you probably chose is and always will be the weakest link.

    But we need extremely good detail. Without that we can do nothing.

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