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Security Certificates for WP?

  1. I just got that error message again on this link - mobile phone blogging:

  2. Will this new security issue be looked into?

  3. It's the same problem, not a new one. We have the certificate for It's the * certificate that still hasn't been delivered.

  4. Ok. WP should get themselves certified someplace else from now on. This is really not worth it - the damage to your renommee is to big...

  5. Dunno about others but I'm still getting the same expiration message. How long has this been going on, a month?

  6. tenderhooligan

    Me too. It says that this topic has been resolved but I don't think it has.

    Thank you.

  7. It's not resolved. I've gotten this message since the 22nd of February, 2008. WP says it's fixed -- it isn't.

  8. I've been getting the same thing. However I've found if you go to rather than directly to your own blog, you authenticate through the working certificate and there are no problems.

  9. I have the same problem, its preventing some people viewing my blog. Can someone take a peek at my blog and let me know if its something Ive posted thats causing the error or is it just at WPs end...

  10. If you have a problem:
    - clear your browser cache, come back to the site and retry
    - post the exact URL you were getting to
    - post the exact message you see. Detail is very important.
    - screenshots are good

    But please do not take this as meaning your blog is not secure. It is. Your password which you probably chose is and always will be the weakest link.

    But we need extremely good detail. Without that we can do nothing.

  11. got sorted after I posted that. Thanks to whoever @WP did that :)

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