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Security error when uploading image from computer

  1. janvowlesartist

    I have had no problems uploading my own scanned images from my computer, until about an hour ago. Now everytime i try to upload an image it fails and says 'Security error'. Can anyone tell me what this is please? I am using IE 9 and Win7.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are probably trying to upload a bmp image. The accepted file types are: Images .jpg .jpeg .png .gif See here please > accepted file types
    More tips here > Troubleshooting Images

  3. janvowlesartist

    No. I am adding the same images as i've been adding since starting my blogs. I have two blogs, and one is for my artwork and they are always jpg. I did, however, just switch to Google Chrome and managed to upload without the error. So something to do with IE perhaps?

  4. janvowlesartist

    Oh thanks very much for that link, i never realised it was a known thing with IE, i thought perhaps there was a security problem with my blog LOL Phew, now i'm relieved. I think i'll stick with Google Chrome from now on. Thanks very much for your help ;)

  5. You're welcome. I use Firefox 10.0.2 and I avoid all Chrome and IE issues by doing so. (hint!) ;)

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