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Security for uploaded photos

  1. myelusivethoughts

    Hi, i couldn't find a better topic title to fit my question. it's regarding the photos i've uploaded on my blog. i'm trying to put a function to it such that whenever anyone right clicks on it, there'll be a pop up like "you do not have permission to right click on this photo" stuff like that. this is so that others wont have access to me photos. is this possible? i'm not very tech-savvy, so i hope to find a solution to this.

    thank you =)

  2. As far as I know that takes some sort of scripting language. And we can't do that on our blogs here.

    Even if we could, it would slow people down, but if they were determined to have a copy of your picture, then they can just take a screen shot and crop it.

    Once something is up on the internet, it's pretty much there for good. And people can (and will) do what they like with it.

  3. /nod to katm

    There are programs available for water marking photographs but as katm says we cannot disable right click here. More to the point, disabling right clicks can be got around and as katm says anyone can take a screenshot. There is no actual "security" for photographs or for any other content once it's published. If you want to look into watermarking here's a start

  4. I do it the secret way... I embed information in the EXIF data from within Paint Shop Pro. Most people who would steal my pics would be the uninformed. So, even if they resize or crop, it still carries the EXIF. About the only way to get rid of it is to make a new image (copy & paste) or use a program that is unaware of EXIF. By allowing people to easily take it, my info goes with it. I also embed author info in any GIF files I create (which hasn't been many recently).

    Watermarks tend to be too big and detract from the pictures, so make sure to keep them tasteful and inconspicuous.

  5. myelusivethoughts

    Thanks alot. your replies helped, at least it made me clearer =)


  6. Cheers :)

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