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    Got an important security question here…

    My blog’s not very popular these days, so it was the best occasion to notice that there’s that constant specific number of visitors everyday. After going through the source links for these visits, I found out that these are fake blogs and webpages. It seems quite obvious to me that these phony sites might have been set up to gather information on a blog admin in the eventuality he/she might end up making the mistake of directly clicking these links (from the Dashboard) and loading potentially malicious scripts on these sites, without any online protection, that could sniff out all kinds of private infos, including the IP address.

    Now I’m always connecting to WordPress through SSL, so I wonder if that’s enough to protect my web identity from these threatening sites, even if I get to do the mistake of not securing my browser against these nasty spy scripts.

    thanks for your input… very appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is



    Have you seen the post at the top of the forum about referrer spam?



    yeah, I’ve just read it. Answers my question for most… enough to lower my paranoia!


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