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Security Problem, I can go to all my blogs which have different sign-ins.

  1. How is it that I can sign in to wordpress and go to this page:!/my-blogs/ which shows all my blogs? Yet each one has a different user name needed to login; but from that page I can go to the dashboard of all my blogs without the different sign-ins. I don't like that!! I created different sign-ins with different email addresses for a REASON. I don;t want ANYONE to be able to track me or connect my blogs, AND THAT INCLUDES YOU. So how do I fix this HUGE security problem?
    Blog url:

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  3. Correction, I just noticed that there are some blogs that require login. But others not. And that is not the only page that shows all my blogs, the stat page also shows in the upper right corner all my blogs and I can just choose which one I want to see stats on.

  4. You current have 3 blogs attached to your okmike77 account, and 6 self-hosted blogs connected to your okmike77 account via Jetpack.

    Would you please give us an example of one blog URL that appears for you at!/my-blogs/ which you feel that okmike77 shouldn't have access to, or shouldn't be connected to your okmike77 account via Jetpack??

  5. Thank you for checking on this.

    ONLY one should be connected to that account because each one has a different user name for login! THAT is my point. I did not create those accounts when logged-in, I created them with separate logins and email addresses. YET they are all linked. How do I UN-link them?

  6. I assume you're referring to the Jetpack-powered self-hosted blogs. If so, they most certainly all have separate logins.

    However, when you setup Jetpack, you have to connect it to a account so we can manager your stats and other Jetpack features for you. When you connected Jetpack, you connected all of them to your okmike77 account.

    Please note that and are entirely separate entities. Your account is only connected to the Jetpack portion of your blogs and nothing else.

    I can remove them from your account, but you will lose Jetpack functionality until you connect them to a account.

    If you still want me to remove them from your account, please list the URLs that you want to remove.

  7. Thank you very much. What I would like, if possible, is to have all my bibleprophecyrevealed accounts linked to each other, but not to anything else.

    Then to have my prosperitygospelexposed, greatplainspress, and michaelfortner blogs linked, but not to anything else.

    I don't know how possible those things are because the top group has two WP .org blogs and one .com blog.

    The last group has two .com blogs and one .org blog.

  8. Ok, so first please start with the blogs.

    For that, you'll need to register new account, then transfer the blogs to the desired accounts following this guide:

    You can't transfer the Jetpack blogs, so I'll need to know the specific URLs (complete with .com or .us) that you don't want on your okmike77 account. I'll then remove those, and you can reconnect Jetpack to the desired account.

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