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Security problems: someone is posting on my WordPress blog!

  1. For the last three days three different entries have been posted on my PERSONAL wordpress blog-

    I've changed the password several times with no success and every day posts a new entry with my user: WORDPRESS OBVIOUSLY HAS A SECURITY PROBLEM.

    The saddest part is that I could contact with that website, but no with any WordPress responsible... Does anyone have any clue about what the solution is???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you're referring to the Wedding-related posts that you deleted, they were all posted by one of the three users on your blog. Since you permanently deleted the posts, I can't tell specifically which user.

    In this case, I recommend that all three users change both their passwords and their email passwords, as your email can always be used to reset your password.

  3. Thanks Macmanx, actually that's the point: the user who posted those entries was theorically me!!!

    I've changed -again- passwords, deleted one of my friends as user and asked the other one to change her password too. Let's see what happens tomorrow (it is usually one fake post entry per day).

    Thanks again

  4. Change your email password as well, just to be safe.

  5. You're welcome!

    If it ever happens again, just leave the post in the Trash. I'll need to restore it from there to take a look, but it'll just be for a few seconds.

  6. @macmanx, could those posts have been made by email if patuno had post by email activated?

  7. Not in this case, the blog has no Post by Email email history.

  8. Ah, just a thought.

  9. Thanks you all for your support here. I changed both passwords and I hasn't happened again, so maybe it is already solved.
    Aditionally I also contacted the webmaster of the site and they told me it wasn't them and apologized.
    What a mistery...

    I'm definetly not very savvy with blogs, but thanks again for your support


  10. You're welcome!

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