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    I invited someone to be an editor of a blog. He accepted but he is not showing as a user nor does he have access to do anything on the blog. This has always worked before….what did we do wrong? :)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – could you please let me know the username of the person you invited?

    Is this the site you invited them to?



    Hi! I invited Brian Jones to be an editor on The Bose News Blog (brianjones74). I have since deleted his accepted invitation since it wasn’t working. Thanks!



    Thanks for the information! I’ve just sent him another invitation to your blog as Editor. Please let me know if he doesn’t get it within the next 12 hours, and leave it in the queue so I can troubleshoot further if necessary. Thanks!



    I got a confirmation so it looks like Brian is good to go:

    Brian Jones has accepted your invitation to contribute to jwalkerboselaw.

    If you have any further trouble with invitations, just leave them in your queue and let me know so I can have a look. Thanks!


    Hi! Brian is still not able to access the site as an editor. Everything is still queued. Thanks!



    Brian is correctly listed as an Editor on your site. Could you please describe in what way he’s not able to access the site so I can troubleshoot further?

    For example:

    Is he able to log in?

    Is he able to see the administration area here?

    Is he trying to do something you think he should be able to do as an editor, but doesn’t see that option in the administration area? If so, what?

    Editors have more limited site access than administrators but they should be able to view, edit, publish, and delete any posts/pages, moderate comments, manage categories, manage tags, manage links and upload files/images.

    If you need Brian to be able to do more than that, you might want to change his user role:

    Please let me know how it goes.

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