See below…have no idea how to put it in a short question.

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    I believe google combined two email accounts into one and in doing so has locked me out of one of my accounts. It’s a bit different as the first account I opened was simply to allow me to comment on a particular site. I didn’t really think about it and later I opened a “real” account and began blogging under that name. Now there are certain site which I cannot enter apparently because they require I match my initial account which I can not access nor delete…Well?

    No offense, but this seems to be a support question that requires a wordpress answer and a bit more security than me putting all the information out there.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    This one is pretty weird, if I do say so myself.



    Google accounts or WordPress accounts? Which site, specifically? We need the URL of the site. You don’t need to give us email details.


    Sorry, and thank you for your response. I finally came across how to re-access my questions.

    It’s a little more convoluted than your question suggests, although it might address one of the problems. ??

    The other question(s) I have do involve email addresses as well as information which might be better kept private.


    Well, the good news is that I found the thread where I had previously asked the question of visibility and found that the second answer worked out.

    In other words, three blogs, three blogs on my dashboard, although I never changed the settings in the first place so that may indicate a completely different concern.

    This leaves the problem which cannot be mentioned…..

    Essentially when I go to one site which recognizes me under a different name and use the auto password I’m fine for that particular site.

    Any difference between .com and .org?

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