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    Hi All, I love the upper-right “Notifications” that shows you an amber number if you have comments on your own blog or replies to your comments on other peeps.

    It seems to show the latest 9 notifications, but WHERE / HOW do I see more?

    I wanted to go back to a reply someone made to my comment on their blog and there’s no “see more” or “see older”… and I can’t figure out how to “go back” other than to dig thru all the blogs I’m following and look at posts?

    I guess for older comments on MY blog, I can look at Dashboard > Comments

    But is there a place to see a list of comments I’ve left elsewhere?


    Yes I go look and come back and tell you where – it’s via the dashboard hand on a mo :)


    Found it :) It’s dashboard, then second one down in list on left says ‘Comments I’ve made’, click that and it brings up who you’ve spoken to and where.



    thanks dovesgold! that’s what I was looking for.

    It’s not as nice and clean as that drop down list, but you can sift thru it.

    Weird thing though, I followed the link from that page to Matt’s post about the feature, and in the (now closed) comments someone asked if it scrolled back and he replied, yes, archived forever

    BUT… I can only scroll down for about a day’s worth of posts and then it just stops.

    I hope I’m not blind again, but do you see a MORE button? or does yours keep scrolling?


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