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See Who You Write Like

  1. @momfog- I'm so jealous of your Vonnegut hit! The man is my hero. I'd say it's definitely better than Fleming... I'd take dystopian stories about happiness by the kilowatt over James Bond anyday! :D

    @strawberry- Glad you like it :D

  2. @strawberryindigo So you know him too... I'm starting to feel awkward.

  3. I used to do this with my creative writing all the time and got all sorts of people. For my blog posts it's either Cory Doctorow or David Foster Wallace all the time.

  4. I let the thing analyze my latest post on Dorian Gray and they were like 'you write like Oscar Wilde'. And I was like hmmmm.

    So I copied my post on Alice in Wonderland among other Alices and the thing was like 'you write like Lewis Carroll'. So I thought HAH I'M ON TO YOU MACHINE. I KNOW HOW YOU WORK.

    Then I was like
    'Of course it is happening in your head, but why on earth would that make it less real? Dan Brown should know better.'
    But then the thing said 'you write like Stephen King'.
    And I didn't see that one coming.

  5. dlcsmanagement

    I write like
    Margaret Atwood.

    Who's that? *googles

  6. I got James Joyce, David Arthur Wallace (or something like that) and Margret Atwood. Never heard of any of them...

  7. OMG, I would KILL to get Margaret Atwood. She is divine. So jealous.

  8. dlcsmanagement

    Wow, guess that's cool... I'll see what they have in the library from her soon

  9. Margaret Atwood, I think she won the booker prize or whatever a few years back. Got a couple of her books as gift a few weeks back still haven't got around to reading any though.

  10. Apparently I write like Anne rice.... check me out!! :D see if the text was correct.

  11. This is so cool. I got Dan Brown with teh DaVinci Code and Chuck Palihi. . .Chuck. ..that guy who wrote Guts and The Fight Club.

    I want to go again!

  12. Ooooh so I write like a real good writer and stuff?!

  13. kennethmarkhoover

    Ha. I tried this earlier and got Ian Fleming as my result. :)

    Kenneth Mark Hoover

  14. Amazing! I write like Cory Doctorow, I can't believe it! hahaha

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