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Seeing a red dashboard ? Can't see the blog?

  1. I'm having the same problem Thanks so much!

  2. hiya, me too... thx for da help!

  3. You need to leave your blog address. Mark is good, but he isn't a mind reader.

  4. aliciathiede / bunnyblu - blogs should be okay now.

    I took a wild guess :)

  5. Thanks so much Mark!

  6. my blog is effected too. ->

    if you have some time ;)

  7. merkblog - you are fixed :)

  8. Ummm. I go to my blog, the background is there, but everything else has disappeared. And then when I turned off my computer and got back on, the complete blog reappeared only to disappear again the next time I looked. Thanks for your input. Sand

  9. If your blog is it is fixed.
    If not, where is it?

  10. Hi, I'm having this problem as well -

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  11. is fixed.

  12. Hi, my dashboard is not shown any more while visiting my other members' blogs as it did before. Maybe this problems has the same origin?

    Thx in adv.

  13. muyomania - I;m not sure. I just did the same fix as for the others.
    Please describe your problem in a lot of detail.

  14. Dear Mark,

    It was fixed yesterday afternoon and is broken today. The brown background is back and no blog. My blog is the same. This is the first time I have ever had a problem. Generally wordpress is wonderful and so easy to use for a none-techie like me.


  15. I should add that it works once and then doesn't work the next time I look.


  16. communityworld

    thx 4 help


    im also having this problem. thanks for the help.

  18. Obviously one or two teething problems here. But Mark is on the case. No worries. Breathe deeply. Relax.

  19. and are fixed now.

    Please keep letting us know either here or directly through feedback if you see this happening.


    I seem to be having this problem also
    Thanks in advance


    I'm also having this problem. thanks.

  22. and should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

  23. mine is dd0s. just gone for about an hour.

    thanks for help.

  24. dd0s - your blog is good now.

  25. asahikaratedo is also fixed.

  26. my blog is missing,
    Thank you!

  27. [removed by author - problem fixed by Matt]

  28. materielmama, your blog is fixed.

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