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    Hey there,
    I am new and have recently joined WordPress without a blog. I an log in but then things go nowhere with a blank page minus the header bar and a progress circle going around and around. I can not access settings or any other function it appears one I am in my profile. I am wishing to use a wordpress template to create a website, is this ok? I also seem to think the best thing for me to do is sign up for the premium service and then purchase a template? Is that correct? And lastly, is the no actual wordpress support? Is it all left up to the wordpress community?

    Thanks All



    The best way is to just start a free blog with no extra stuff – been a while since I have had a plain account / no blog – but there should be a My Blogs section with an option somewhere to register a new blog

    Most support is handled in this forum by real live people that are your fellow volunteer bloggers – if there is an issue we can’t solve then we flag a thread for the staff to help – however problems do not need staff intervention



    Thanks for your response. I really am looking at a self managed website solution and was directed here by an IT consultant. IF I just buy a themed template for my blog, will ads appear? Do i need video press to add Videos?



    If you have a blog here and do NOT buy the No Ads upgrade, ads will appear on it.

    If you buy a premium theme from the assortment of premium themes on the Theme page, it still doesn’t get you No Ads. It just gets you a fancy theme.

    If you want to upload videos directly to your site here yes, you need the videopress upgrade. I generally recommend uploading them to YouTube instead and embedding them here, as that gives you a wider reach for your videos, but it’s up to you.

    In the name of all that is holy, DO NOT PURCHASE ANY UPGRADES WHATSOEVER until you have a blog that you know how to run and that works well for you. It sounds like you have some technical issues that need to be cleared up.

    Start here: and see if it works for you.



    Some great advice, Thank you very much. A fair point to get started and I will follow you suggestion.

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