Seeing an increase in SPAM comments for the last 6 weeks or so

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    I’d have to go back and double check to be exact, but I’d say 5 to 6 weeks ago I saw a marked increase in SPAM comments.

    Askimet has always done a great job, these new ones all follow the same pattern of being a vague comment, nothing at all specific (and nearly always but not 100% poorly written) and with a link, obviously to an unrelated site.

    Since I have Comment Moderation on, they don’t get through but I never had to waste time on them before. I seem to be getting up to 3 a day now (not the end of the world but annoying) missing some days, more others.

    Any idea why this would have happened suddenly? It started just before my blog ticked over to about 200,000 total views.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Any idea why this would have happened suddenly?

    Approve one spam comment on a single post and that post and it will become a spam magnet. For more insight see >


    Pretty certain I haven’t approved any. I’ll go an double-check though. Thanks.



    Spam does come in waves so maybe it’s just another wave.



    it is also an arms race – some times the spammers get a bit ahead – I have had a couple get through Akismet in the last week or so


    I should have done this first. I checked the Askimet stats and there was 5x increase in blocked spam in November, a little bit earlier that I saw stuff getting through. Checking the queue, there was one approved comment which was very brief and seemed on target with the article discussed, but could have been the cause, so I nuked it.

    Thanks all!


    20 slipped by this week, and that is extremely unusual. i’ve never come to the forums to report spam, but i suspect that there’s a glitch somewhere.

    mine is



    Hooray! You found it. :)

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