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Seeking a theme for a photography club

  1. Is there a theme suitable for a photography club, eg with member log-in and facility to upload images?
    Preferably with a slide show of members (titled) works on the front page.
    I realize there are some excellent themes for individual photographers, but for groups...?
    Or, is this an example of where one has to fly with
    Thanks for any suggestions
    ~ miriam

  2. Modularity Lite should work for you (it is what I use), just have everyone watermark their photos before uploading and if you turn on it on, the title bar will scroll through the most recently uploaded pictures.
    Any theme allows you to have multiple people posting on it, it how WordPress works, you just have to set it up in the dashboard under "Users".
    Have fun, and I look forward to seeing your club's work!

  3. Oh, and just so you aren't mislead, I have the option for the title bar turned off on my blog.

  4. Thank you @idiotphotographer! Your site is stunning.

    When I look at "Users" (on my own WP blog) it appears that I can only add existing WP users. Does that mean all members would have to sign up for a WP blog first?

    There doesn't seem to be a widget dedicated to "members' sign-in" or the like. Would they just sign in from the "Log In" under the Meta widget?

    Hope you don't mind my idiotquestions!

  5. These are good questions, because I've been considering bullying my picture taking buddies into blogging with me as I think it is making me a better photographer.

    I would assume everyone has to sign up with WordPress, but they don't HAVE to make a blog. (Even though it is the whole point of the site), and I don't think there is a widget for member sign in. You'd likely have to go ahead and purchase a webdomain and build a site like that.

  6. And since I can't seem to limit myself to saying everything in one post, thank you the compliment. Feel free to run through and give some critiques, while I'm not a rank amateur I am still an amateur and appreciate other photographer's thoughts on my work, where it worked, where it didn't and where I might improve.

  7. Thanks again!

    I'm actually making these inquiries on behalf of my friend, who is the secretary of a fairly large photography club here in Australia. I'm passing on this info to her, and will include your URL. Like yourself, she's no rank amateur, and would be a good person to give helpful critique. Meanwhile, just continue that happy Litany of Misdeeds! Think twice about that soul-selling though!


  8. You could try The Morning After which has more of a magazine look to it. Although I use a Flickr slideshow you can use the inbuilt WordPress slideshow. It's what I'm using on my blog

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