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Seeking information on collaborative writing

  1. Hi

    I've had a blog on WordPress for some years now and have recently created a second blog that is intended to be developed by a group of people. I'm struggling a bit to understand the implications of the various user roles, in terms of how each impacts on what each user sees (and, more importantly, how that differs from what I see, so that I don't fall into the ass=u+me trap. And since I don't really quite grok it yet, I sense that my hesitation is hindering the all-important group motivation. (It's all very well acting positive, but that's no good at all if what you're saying is simply wrong!).

    The other thing I'm trying to get my head around is how to manage the flow and throughput of material. Ideally, I want to manage this entirely within the WordPress environment. I think I'm developing a Cunning Plan on that front, though I may simply be deluding myself, which is always entirely possible :)

    The learning curve I'm struggling with must have been slogged up by others before me; but though I've looked around Support and the Forums here nothing has leapt out at me yodelling "here's how you avoid reinventing this particular wheel!" -- more's the pity.

    Any and all input and ideas very gratefully accepted.

    Thanks for listening!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmm... I see this software has 'helpfully' added 'The blog I need help with is' Well, that's not true. The blog I need help with is at a different address, and is currently set as a private blog.

  3. That's fine. Please provide the URL of the private blog.

  4. Thank you. We need to verify that you are actually referring to a blog and not a install.

    I'm multitasking from work so another Volunteer who is not under pressure and who has the time to assist you will come along and help. Please be patient while waiting.

  5. Thanks, timethief. There's no rush -- just off to bed, myself (or else I'd be trying to figure out how it is I seem to have mislaid a category that clearly exists, yet isn't listed when I click posts->categories in the dashboard; '15 items' it sez here, yet only 14 in the list. Maybe that'll larn me not to rename categories? I dunno. Bedtime!)

  6. Category pages and Category widgets have no data to display until one actually publishes a post with the Category assigned to it.

  7. As far as I am aware, there aren't any guidelines for this. If you want to supervise and edit their writing before it goes public, invite them as users/writers/contributors. If you want them to put up their own posts, invite them as Editors. Do not make multiple people administrators or one of them will eventually get into a fight with another one and delete the blog.

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