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Seeking Readers

  1. oliverqueenathewatchtower

    I wish to receive feedback and followers. Many more posts to come. If you have feedback, or like please follow it, and share it. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is your blog about please? Will you please post a brief "teaser" introduction here so we are tempted to click into the blog?

  3. oliverqueenathewatchtower

    I hope for it to be a place for politics, and thought. I hope to facilitate discussions that will perpetuate mental growth for those who participate, and to find compromise in the most minuscule of forms for that is where true change starts – in the mind. I believe in bring to the fore of a discussion the differences, the arguments, the facts, the opinions and concluding with the similarities for which solutions are groomed. We need less bickering in politics and congress, and we need more activists outside of congress. This is only one place to begin.

    Currently there is only one post, it's about Ron Paul and his stance on Abortion although not as thorough as I would like for now. It's Part One of Twelve, and many more.

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