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Seeking some information on Gaia Gazette

  1. Hi

    The site Gaia Gazette has reposted one of my posts without permission.
    On their site it says that they are "proudly powered by WordPress".

    What I don`t like is that they have altered my post. They have changed the size of my picture, making it bigger and less sharp than the one I posted and also changed the positioning of the text.

    I`d appreciate some information on this topic and on that site if possible. Is it legal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Then "proudly powered by WordPress" means the site is a wordpress.ORG install. It's not a hosted by WordPress.COM blog, so you have to locate the web host and file the DMCA take down notice with the web host. Do a whois search for the the domain name and that will give you the web host name, then file the DMCA with the host

  3. This is what it says on their site:


    "There has been an ongoing debate concerning copyrights. This is our response:

    The WordPress default settings are set to syndicate the blogger’s content. This website does NOT visit blogs; nor does this website Copy & Paste content. This website automatically republishes the syndicated content that WordPress and other blogging services feeds to it. If a blogger does not want the blogger’s content syndicated to other sites, it is the blogger’s responsibility to properly adjust the correct restrictions on the blog’s settings pages.

    Reader Questions:

    Question: Why did this website republish my content without my permission?

    Answer: Although you may not realize it, you did give permission. Your blog’s default settings are adjusted for WordPress to distribute your blog as syndicated content."


    Is this true?
    Do they have the right to do that?
    Have I given such permission without being aware of that, just by blogging here, on WordPress?
    And do they have the right to change my post the way they did?

  4. .

  5. That's bullshit, and they must KNOW it's bullshit. People have been sued for tens of thousands and dollars, and lost, for using that line of bullshit., however, has nothing whatsoever to do with that site. You're going to have to go after them on your own. Here is a guide:

  6. the purpose of RSS feeds, ie syndicated content, is for readers to be able to read your posts, not for republishers to steal them. Don't give it another thought, just go after them and take them down.

  7. Thank you, I understand, I just needed to make sure that they don`t have the right to do that before I could decide what to do next.

    Thanks Raincoaster and Timethief for the helpful information.

  8. Hi, I've had the same problem with them, did the DMCA have any affect?


    Doesn't look like it. You'll have to send the DMCA to their actual web host, who might take down the entire site.

  10. Hi

    I havent reported them so far because, in all fairness, they do provide the link back to my original post, so they dont take credit for your stuff.

    But what I don`t like is that they always enlarge my photos, which then become less sharp and they also move around some of the text.
    That is something I don`t think they have the right to do, to change the content like that when they republish it.

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