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    After almost 2 months with WordPress I am considering making my first theme change. I have searched through the forums and picked up snippets here and there and some reviews. However, I would like to ask for up-to-date advice from various bloggers as to why they like a particular theme.

    I currently use Sapphire and really like it for the most part. The only thing that makes me want to change is the lack of a sidebar on individual posts. For people with a lot of experience with various themes, which one most closely resembles Sapphire in terms of look, functionality, features AND has sidebars with every post?

    When first starting out I didn’t really consider the importance of those sidebars. After seeing a bump in traffic, I feel the lack of sidebars really limits the amount of time a first-time visitor will spend on the blog. Also, it reduces the accuracy of any hit counter embedded in a widget I believe (unless I’m off on this.)

    Also, as a first-time theme switcher, any advice or potential pitfalls? I assume static pages I have made will have to be recreated? Widgets added again?

    I’m really not a tinkerer and would prefer NOT to change but think I probably will. Any input on what difference sidebars make to page-views would also be appreciated. I have considered adding a link at the bottom of posts directing people back to the Home page but it would be annoying to have to do this.




    Perhaps you would like to read the theme reviews engtech has done and make a theme selection based on the features you prefer



    Thanks. I do appreciate that and have already looked over those reviews. That is an excellent resource but does not provide a review of all. Also, as per my OP, you may see that I would like up-to-date advice from various bloggers. I find different opinions from a number of people highlights different things that may not have been covered by others.




    You’re welcome. Yes, it’s true that the newer themes have not been reviewed by engtech.

    The only thing that makes me want to change is the lack of a sidebar on individual posts.

    (1) Do note that your content is not lost when switching themes. Provided you do not switch to a theme that is not widget equipped, at worst when you do switch themes the content in your sidebars just needs to be re-arranged as it will display in the default mode of the new theme you choose, until you adjust that.

    (2) Most themes that are widget equipped do display sidebars on every page and not just the front page. The themes most like the one you have now that do display sidebars on every page IMO are K2 Lite and Kubrick.

    Happy hunting :)



    There will be no change to the static pages regardless of theme.



    Thanks atthe404 I forgot to say that. :)

    OT: Faulty email programs driving me CRAZY!



    I am sending the carrier pigeons.

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