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    Hi there

    I’m working on a client’s blog that is hosted on WordPress. Their current theme is “Enterprise by Studio Press”.

    Am I correct in thinking that many themes do not allow for a header that incorporates some HTML? Right now the settings for this theme does not seem to allow me to do anything to the header except to change the background image.

    Are there themes that allow for custom HTML in the header? If so, can you recommend any? Of course, we’re hoping to keep this on WordPress’s servers (I am aware that we could customize this however we want if we were hosting ourselves).

    Thanks in advance to any who can help.




    There are no such themes here. This is a multiuser blogging platform. All blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template. Only Staff can access those files and edit as all edits affect all blogs wearing the same theme. Aside from not being able to edit themes or templates please note that CSS editing cannot be used to insert HTML either.


    What exactly would you like to do with “custom HTML” in the header?



    I’m trying to make the blog match my client’s regular website.

    The regular WEBSITE has various images, links, etc. in the header.

    So, basically I’d want to put an html table into the BLOG header.

    Thanks in advance..



    Actually panaghiotisadam, it’s probably not too far from what you’ve done on your blog (

    – How did you get that inline text up there?

    – In case it’s just a workaround with a single image, one issue I could foresee is that I’d probably need to add some links up there, and also additional images (eg. twitter and facebook icons, etc.)

    Thanks again


    What you’re looking for is a bit complicated but possible in most themes if you have the Custom Design upgrade (by adding the content in text widgets and positioning it in relation to the right parent element). In a few themes (including the one I’m using) it’s also possible without the upgrade (again by using appropriate positioning of content added to text widgets).

    And no, I haven’t used that just for an image: I’ve used it for the image in front of the blog title, the text to its right, the red link in the top menu, the clock, the whole grey box with the links, and everything below the box. Some of this includes table coding, of course.



    Thanks Panos. Is there a way to reach you privately? Can’t seem to find any way to contact you on your blog.


    You’re welcome. Sorry, you can’t reach me privately.

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