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Seeking wordpress design help(tutor)

  1. Looking for remote tutor for non-coding help. Hourly rate-phone/logmein type help in website design.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you seen the blog

  3. no but thanks.
    still would like some direct help.
    Is there a better place to post such a request?

  4. Well, website design IS coding of a sort.

    I suppose is a good place to start. Be sure to specify you're working with WordPress.COM instead of WordPress.ORG.

  5. Web Design is all about coding. If one does not know HTML and CSS then one is not a web designer. The Code Poet Directory lists Enterprise-level WordPress professionals, web designers, and developers. It’s brought to you by Automattic, the company behind and the largest operator of WordPress sites.

  6. I made some good cash as a non-designer then. All my sites were created using Front Page without all but basic html code knowledge.I figured 10 years later WYSIWYG creation would be much improved rather than requiring an increased need for code knowledge. I was directed to WP for its ease in use.I guess it is the wrong platform for me.

  7. is a rotten platform for design tinkering, because of the security restrictions. WordPress.ORG is fine.

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