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    Hi, I have several questions. I recently changed the structure of my website… I’m learning how to use categories, tags, etc. and I’m not very good at it!

    On “Begin”, “Embrace”, “Continue” , how do I center the title of pages?
    2. On ” Begin”, “Embrace”, “Continue”, how do I remove “category: begin”?

    The blog I need help with is


    On “Begin”, “Embrace”, “Continue” , how do I center the title of pages?

    Are you talking about on the main page? The only title I see on those three are the ones you have directly in the images themselves.

    The category titles are created by the theme and WordPress software as a single line of text, so we cannot hide or delete only part of that title. You can use the following to remove the category title entirely though.

    .category .page-title {
    	display: none;


    For category pages (family, end of life, commitment, etc), how do I center the post titles?


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