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    Hi! I would like to ask why is the Sela Theme non-responsive to tablet and android phones? Is there a setting to make it responsive? I haven’t done many changes from its default setting.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi playfullerhome,

    I’ve checked on my Android phone (in Firefox and Chrome) and it is resizing to fit the device. Which device and browser are you using when the site doesn’t appear to be responsive?

    If you let me know, I can do some more testing.


    Hi there! Thanks for responding. I’m using safari on my ipad and google chrome on my phone. I just tried it now with the address and it’s responsive on my phone. However, if you try, it isn’t responsive in any browser. I bought the domain name Did we miss anything in setting up the domain name? Thanks again.


    playfullerhome –

    Hmm. We will keep working on this one. I had a look on my iPhone 8, and the site loads like a desktop view, it’s not mobile responsive in Chrome or Safari. We will keep poking at this and continue to update you here.


    Okay. Thanks a lot! By the way, I bought my domain from GoDaddy and it is configured to forward the request to WordPress (



    Ok. The domain, , needs to be set up with mapping or a proper redirect. At the moment it is using a framing work around and that’s why the site is not looking correct in mobile.

    You’ll need to set up a plan on your account, to include the mapping:

    Next, go to your domain provider and let them know that the name servers for the domain need to be pointed at:


    Once this is all done the site is going to work as expected on mobile, and it will be responsive to smaller screen sizes.

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