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  1. May 21, 2010 - The motive for change of theme is improving how content is framed and listing the reasons you have for wanting to change to a new theme is a good starting point. Which features provided by the theme you currently use are must haves in the new theme? Which features that aren't included in your current theme are must have in the new theme? -- Select a theme 2

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A few things to consider when posting to your blog

    Best Time To Publish A Post

  3. @joer223
    What a disappointment I thought you were leaving a comment about my post in thread but instead you dropped a link to your post. :(

    I have your blog(s) on my blog surfer ..

  4. TiTi

    I'm sorry....I sent a ticket to support right after making this blunder.....I emailed you about.....I wasn't thinking.......please don't be upset with me.....


  5. @joer223
    SHEESH ... I'm not upset just disappointed. You didn't have to email. It never ceases to amaze me that people think I'm angry when I'm not. it takes a lot to make me angry and when I'm angry I log out, lest I be tempted to say something rude.

  6. @TiTi

    I'm sorry I disappointed you..... :(
    It was a mistake I shouldn't make, I actually feel awful about....I put on my "hair shirt"

  7. Oh gawd ... let's not go on about this okay?
    I say "don't do it again please"
    You say: "okay".
    The End. :)

  8. Okay.....

    The End... :)

  9. Agreed! :)

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