Select Specific Dates For Export — Remove Category in Bulk Edit

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    Just exported a few posts to a .org test site as part of learning how to do things. I found that when selecting Posts to Export by Date Range, it appeared I could only select posts by a full month. I only wanted to select a few within a specific few days, but couldn’t find a way to enter those specific dates. The dropdown fields only showed Month and Year.

    Or was I missing something?


    To do what I needed, I created a new category and set the posts I wanted to move into that new category, then selected the Category for Export. That worked, however;

    In using the Bulk Edit, I found I could add the new Category to those posts, but could not remove their existing Category (they ended up in both), and had to use QuickEdit to remove the second Category. The check box for the current Category was not checked in the Bulk Edit screen but was in the Quick Edit area.

    So, suggestions are:

    > Allow selection of posts for Export by Date Range including Month, Date and Year

    > Provide for removal of existing Category during Bulk Edit (change Category rather than add Category).

    If these already exist and are supposed to work, they didn’t for me.

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