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    Hi! For this theme, I’d like to choose which posts are displayed in full on my blog’s home page and which posts are displayed with only an excerpt. I think right now it seems to be selected randomly. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is




    On some themes there are settings, typically found at Customize > Content Options, which determine whether and where posts are displayed in full or as excerpts. There are no such options at Customize with the Nucleare theme applied. However you still have options, and which posts are excerpted on the blog page is not due to a random selection process.

    The format assigned to a post is a factor. See the Post Formats support page. The top two posts on the front page of evidently have the “Standard” post format assigned. This format isn’t identified among the post meta data as the other formats would be, and posts assigned this format display in full on the blog page with Nucleare applied.

    The next five posts on the front page of your site have the Image format assigned. With Nucleare applied, posts with this format are truncated by default at a certain point, probably after a certain number of words. An exception to this rule would be if an excerpt is set on a post with the Image format, as described in the Excerpts support page. A set excerpt will display instead of an excerpted portion of the post content with the Image format assigned, and presumably with some of the other formats assigned, but not (I found in tests) with the Standard post format assigned.

    Another option is to use the More tag. This option would give you the freedom to choose precisely where the post content is truncated on the blog and archives pages.

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