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  1. Really loving this theme so far - there is something I haven't been able to figure out though. I have enabled the "latest posts" feature, but no image appears with the text in this area. Any ideas? Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This sis what the information on the theme states in the Themes Showcase.

    Let your readers see your most recent additions at a glance with the Latest Posts feature. When enabled, it will display your four latest posts in a nice row of rounded boxes just above the main content on the front page (and below the featured posts slider, if you’ve turned that on as well).

    This is what the announcement states:

    First, there’s the featured slider that showcases your sticky posts at the top of the front page. Next, there’s the “Latest Posts” row that places your four most recent posts in fun, rounded boxes, also on the front page.

    Themes Staff do monitor these forum threads and will respond to your question when they can. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. Timethief, thanks for your reply. Yes I did read that, and had already successfully activated the latest posts. However, as I previously stated, there was no corresponding image showing up with the latest post. I think I just figured out what I need to do to get an image to show up. I did not have a "featured image" for the posts. I am in the process of changing that and I think it is working. Crossing fingers. Thanks for putting up with my elemental knowledge of WP!! : )

  4. I now see an image in "this and that" so I think you are onto something here. It appears that the "Latest Posts" won't display images unless each one has a "Featured Image" set in it.

  5. Yes, it has to be a featured image. Preferably, 190 x 110 (or similar aspect ratio) or it will get cropped and chopped :)

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